Wheel Chains

Konig are an Italian company established in 1966 that produce wheel chains made in Europe for different markets around the world. Konig produce high-quality chains for a huge range of tyre sizes from cars, 4-wheel drives to trucks and numerous different market standards. Different models of wheel chains are available for various styles of vehicle. Chain sizes are based off specific tyre sizes and must be exact. Chains are typically installed on the drive-wheels however it is important you check the vehicles owner handbook to confirm if chains are able to be fitted and if so; which wheels are to be used. If you have any questions regarding chain styles, chain models or sizing, please contact our team.

The most popular wheel chain on the market is the Konig T2 Magic, a high-quality, self-tensioning diamond chain with 16mm links. For SUV’s with low-clearance, the XG-12 Pro is based on the T2 Magic but features a low-profile 12mm chain link.

Our budget-friendly diamond chain is the Konig Zip (CB-12, CB-16 or XB-16). This is manual tensioning 12mm (Car) or 16mm (4WD and SUV) chain that is safe and reliable.

For SUV’s with no inside clearance (commonly an issue with luxury SUV's), the Konig K-Summit chain offers 0mm inside clearance thanks to an external tensioning system. The K-Summit is the most popular chain in Europe, however these aren’t legal to use at Mt Hotham.