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Tuning Tools & Wax

We are a certified Wintersteiger Service Centre and sell the best tuning tools on the market. Our professionally trained staff are ready to help you with any questions you may have when learning to tune your skis and boards yourself. We are able to give you a tutorial for any products we sell in our ski and snowboard workshop.

We carry a large range of tuning tools from several brands such as Swix Tuning Tools, Oneball Tuning Tools, Burton and Dakine and key items such as waxing irons, hot wax, rub-on wax, edge tools and scrapers plus heaps more. 

For keen skiers and boarders looking to wax their own equipment, we recommend the Swix T77 Waxing Iron. A great, light-weight iron with adjustable temperature controls suited to our 240v sockets. We use Swix Uniwax All-Condition wax in our workshop and sell the same 180g blocks for $24.99. At great value, one block is expected to wax a minimum of 10 pairs of skis or 10 snowboards. For skiers and boarders looking for a more premium option, try Swix’s F4 Universal wax. F4 wax includes fluoride which is faster and lasts longer than basic ski and snowboard wax.

For those looking to begin tuning their own ski and board edges, we recommend the Swix TA3009 4-way file holder with 80mm file. This handy tool allows you to lightly tune side and bases edges with varying degrees.

Gummy stones are often overlooked but provide great results with little effort. The Swix T992 Soft Gummy Stone allows users to lightly polish away any edge rust left from storage or light burrs obtained by hitting rocks.

This category includes Nikwax clothing care items including the Nikwax Tx.Direct and Tech Wash products. For dirty snow clothing items such as jackets, pants and gloves, Tech Wash restores pieces to their former glory. Tx.Direct enhances waterproofing to older items that need rejuvenation. For items that are unable to be placed in washing machines, Tx.Direct Spray-On is a quick and easy method to improve waterproofing.