Step On Boots & Bindings


In 2017, Burton released their Step On binding system - A revolutionary new snowboard binding technology that eliminates the need for traditional straps and buckles. Instead, it uses a simple and intuitive system that allows the rider to step into the binding and secure their boot with a quick and easy motion.



The Step On binding system consists of two main components: the binding itself and the compatible snowboard boot. The binding features two hooks that are located at the toe and heel of the binding. The snowboard boot has corresponding cleats on the sole of the boot that clip into the hooks on the binding. To use the Step On binding system, the rider steps onto the binding, aligns the heal cleat on their boots with the heal cleat on the binding, and presses down which secures both the heal and toe cleats in place. To release the binding, the rider presses a lever located at the back of the binding with their foot, and the heel cleat releases from the hook.



The benefits of the Step On binding system include its speed and convenience, which can save riders time and hassle when getting in and out of their bindings. It also provides a more secure and responsive connection between the rider and the board, which can improve the rider's control and performance.



Step On Bindings are universally compatible with all current mounting systems including 4x4, 3D and The Channel.