We carry the best brands of snowboards available on the market each with their own unique story and approach to the sport. Our brands include Burton Snowboards, Capita Snowboards, Lib Tech Snowboards, GNU Snowboards, Rome Snowboards, Roxy Snowboards, Salomon Snowboards, DC Snowboards, and Nikita Snowboards.

We carry a range of boards of different styles, profiles, constructions and price points. Ask our professional team any questions you have when choosing the best snowboard for your needs. 

The way a snowboard rides is most noticeably down to its profile, or the shape of the board when you look down its edge. Camber has been around since snowboards were first introduced and was borrowed from snow skis. The edges touch the snow on the tip and tail but lift towards the middle. Camber provides the best edge-hold and most pop and is often found in hard-charging all-mountain boards such as the Burton Custom X, or park boards built for jumps such as the Rome Mod. The downside of camber is that it can feel aggressive and is more difficult to manage for beginners to intermediate riders due to catching edges. Our favourite camber snowboards include the Burton Free Thinker, Burton Custom, Capita Outsiders, Capita Black Snowboard of Death, Rome Buckshot, Salomon Huck Knife, Burton Rewind and Capita Birds of a Feather.

The inverse profile to camber is rocker. Rocker was introduced by Lib Tech in 2006 and has proven to be a popular choice used by all snowboard brands up to this day. A rockered profile touches the snow in the middle and lifts up tip and tail. Rocker allows for a smooth, buttery feel both on-snow and on rails and effortless float in powder. A downside to rocker is that it will have less edge-hold, have less pop and be less stable at high speed when compared to its cambered counter-part. Rocker is a popular choice amongst park boards such as the Rome Artifact, Capita Ultrafear and Capita Horrorscope, all-mountain boards such as the Rome Gang Plank, Lib Tech Skate Banana, GNU Carbon Credit, Capita Space Metal Fantasy and Roxy Ally. Rocker is also the ideal choice for powder boards to due the nose of the board lifting up above the powder as you would expect from a water ski.

The third and final key snowboard profile is a hybrid rocker, BTX or C2 in Lib Tech terms or Flying V in Burton terms. Hybrid rockers combine the best aspects of both aforementioned profiles into one package. These begin with rocker in the middle to camber under your feet and finally finish with rocker on the tip and tail. Hybrid rockers are the best choice for people that want the best do-it-all snowboard shape whether they are riding park, powder or groomed runs. Our favourite hybrid rocker snowboards include the Burton Custom Flying V, Burton Process Flying V, Lib Tech Travis Rice, GNU Riders Choice, Burton Feel Good Flying V and Roxy Torah Bright.

Snowboards can be broken down into 3 categories. All-mountain, park and powder. Once you’ve chosen category, eliminate snowboards by choosing your preferred profile. From there you can consider options like construction, materials and graphics. You can also consider where a board is made or a brands ethos. Lib Tech and Capita are great examples of this with both owning and operating their own eco-friendly state-of-the-art factories. In addition, Burton Snowboards being the biggest brand in the world and still being privately owned have some incredible manufacturing techniques and snowboards on the market such as the iconic Burton Custom range.