Snow Goggles

We carry a huge range of snow goggles from the best brands such as Oakley Goggles, Anon Goggles, Dragon Goggles, Smith Goggles and Carve Goggles.

Our most popular goggles include the Oakley Flight Deck and Oakley Flight Deck XM, the Oakley Line Miner, Anon M2 and Anon M3, Dragon X1 and Dragon X2 and Smith I/O series.

Choosing a goggle depends on its style and how it fits. Frames vary from traditional framed designs to modern frameless designs. The most popular frameless design’s include the Oakley Flight Deck, Anon M2 and Dragon X1. Premium goggles will feature a number of vents surrounding the perimeter of the lens to allow air flow and ventilation between your face and the inside of the lens. The more ventilation a frame has, the more unlikely the lens is to fog.

Goggle lenses have advanced drastically in the past few years with lens technologies like Oakley’s Prizm replacing all traditional grey leses. Prizm adds contrast to the snow allowing skiers and snowboards to see bumps and variations more clearly. Similar technologies are Anon’s Sonar by Zeiss lenses, Dragon’s Lumalens and Smith’s ChromoPop. Typically these contrast-enhancing technologies are only available on more premium goggles starting at $179.

Most premium goggles come with a spare lens. The spare lenses are usually low-light specific, meaning they work best when the light is flat or dull. Low-light lenses allow more light to enter the lens, brightening the snow and your surroundings. Different brands have different systems to make changing between lenses quick and efficient. Most notably is Anon’s MFI technology using a number of magnets between the lens and the frame allowing users to change lenses within seconds.

Most premium goggles come with a lens suited to sunny or every day conditions in the frame as standard. These lenses work like sunglasses cutting light percentages between 70 to 95%. There are some occasions where one lens can be used for nearly all conditions such as Oakleys Prizm Jade, Sapphire and Torch lenses and Smiths Everyday ChromoPop Lenses.