Water Ski Ropes & Handles

Water ski ropes & handles are available to suit a wide range of skier types. Choosing the correct rope & handle can drastically improve how quickly your skills advance. Most water ski ropes come in a standard maximum length of 75’ and feature coloured shortenings and loops which adhere to international standards. Most combo skiers prefer a rope length of 75’ while slalom skiers should use a rope length of 60’ (aka “15’ off”). As a skier progresses through a slalom course the length of the rope will incrementally shorten. The current world record features a rope length of just 9.75m or 43.47’ off the standard 75’. 

Ropes are available in fixed lines with no sections, 5-sections, 8-sections, or 10-sections depending on what kind of skier that specific rope is targeted towards. Most package ropes include rope lengths of 5-sections or 8-sections. Rope quality is defined by how many strands make up a length of rope. A high-quality rope will use approximately 80 pre-stretched strands resulting in a rope that is accurate to international length requirements and will not deteriorate and stretch over time. 


  • SHORT V: Short V handles are designed for skiers confident with deep water starts looking for the most performance. Short V handles come in either 12” or 13” widths with varying diameter rubber grips based on skier preference. Short V handles come in straight [standard], elliptical [oval cross-section] or arc [radius]. Some handles include a technology called ‘Barlock’ which reduces handle roll for a consistent grip. Short V handles should always be paired with a pair of water ski gloves.
  • LONG V: Long V handles are designed for beginners who need assistance during deep water starts. When using a deep V handle, the slalom ski is placed between the V not allowing the ski to roll too far to the left or right during a start. Deep V handles come in 13” or 15” handle sizes and different grips such as rubber, EVA or suede based on personal preference. Note: Skiers using water ski gloves should only use rubber handles.