Snow Ski Bags

Snow ski bags are designed to keep your equipment safe from damage. They can also double as luggage space when travelling overseas reducing the amount of bags you need to take. We carry a large range of snow ski bags all year round from the leaders in the market including Dakine Snow Ski Bags.

Snow ski bags range in price from $69 to $299 and include a number of features designed to protect your equipment, make packing easier and transport your gear to the mountain or airport convenient. 

Snow ski bags begin with a zipped sleeve generally made up of a durable polyester fabric without internal padding. These are great options if you’re on a budget and to keep your gear together in the car. Padded bags are an extension of this, adding padded layers to the top and bottom of your snow ski reducing the change of your gear becoming damaged in transit. Our favourite padded snow ski bag is the Dakine Padded Snow Ski Sleeve.

Wheelie snow ski bags add skate-like wheels to the rear of the bag aiding in transport especially through airports. An advantage to wheelie snow ski bags is that their size is increased allowing you to pack all of your snow ski specific gear such as your snow skis, ski boots, outerwear, helmet and gloves in the one bag. Our favourite wheelie snow ski bag is the Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag.

Premium wheelie snow ski bags include added features such as removable storage bags, internal pockets and grab handles on the outside of the bag making lifting the bag more convenient off a carousel or into the car more convenient. Our favourite premium wheelie snow ski bag is the Dakine Boundary Roller Ski Bag.

Feel free to ask our professional staff any questions you have relating to snow ski bag styles, sizing and packing tips.