Snow Ski Bags

A snow ski bag is designed to carry and protect your skis during transport and storage and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Consider what the bag will be used for. Is it for the skis to be transported via car to your local resort or for a trip overseas? For the former, a regular padded or non-padded bag will keep them safe and tidy during transport. For the latter, a heavy-duty wheelie bag is necessary to protect them in cargo holds and make them easier to transport through the airport.

  • SIZE: Ski bags come in different lengths to accommodate different lengths of skis, typically ranging from 160cm to 200cm. Make sure to measure your skis before buying a ski bag to ensure that they will fit.
  • CAPACITY: Ski bags can hold one or multiple pairs of skis, depending on their capacity. Some ski bags have extra room for other gear, such as boots, helmets, and clothing.
  • PADDING: Ski bags can be padded or unpadded. Padded ski bags offer more protection for your skis during transport and storage, while unpadded ski bags are lighter and easier to store.
  • MATERIAL: Ski bags can be made of different materials, such as nylon, polyester, or PVC. Higher-end ski bags may use materials like Cordura or ballistic nylon for increased durability.
  • WHEELS: Some ski bags have wheels to make it easier to transport them through airports and other places.
  • STRAPS: Bags may have straps to secure your skis and keep them from shifting during transport.