Combo Skis

Combo skis are designed for beginners and come in pairs with a front boot on each and a rear toe plate on one, giving the skier the ability to drop a ski and slalom. Most combo skis include traditional adjustable horse-shoe style binding systems however premium models feature a supportive, comfortable boot system. While nearly all adult combo’s include inserts for a trainer bar to be added later, kid’s trainers come with the trainer bar, rope and handle included. Combo skis are available in varying widths of narrow and wide. Wide combos with more surface area will provide easier deep water starts and more straight-line stability once up. Narrow combo’s will be nimbler once skiing. 


Choosing the correct size of combo ski depends on the weight of the skier(s). If buying the skis for a range of skier weights, it is important to cater to the heaviest. The most common adult size is 67” to suit skiers of 50+ kg. See the below size guide of our most popular combo ski sizes: 

  • Kids Trainers (Up to 40 kg)
  • 59” Up to a size 9 binding (Up to 55 kg)
  • 63” Up to a size 14 binding (Up to 70 kg)
  • 67” Up to a size 14 binding (Up to 100 kg)