Snow Helmets

We carry a large range of snow ski and snowboard helmets from the best brands including Giro Helmets, Smith Helmets, Anon Helmets, Oakley Helmets, Sandbox Helmets and Salomon Helmets.

A new feature to snow helmets is the integration of MIPS or the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. MIPS comes as an option for many of our brands and models and is designed to add protection against rotational motion transmitted to the brain from angled impacts to the head. In short, helmets equipped with MIPS reduce brain injuries caused during accidents on the snow. To find out more, head to or ask our professional staff any questions you have regarding snow helmets or MIPS.

Adult snow helmets range in price and feature a wide range of features designed to keep your head comfortable and safe when involved in an accident. Premium helmets come equipped with openable vents to allow the head to cool, and BOA closure systems to allow the helmet to vary in size to accomodate the perfect fit. All good snow ski and snowboard helmets are safe, although some helmets feature unique foams and constructions designed to be lighter and absorb more energy upon impact.

All helmets come with ear pads to provide warmth and in all cases these are removable. Good snow ski and snowboard helmets are audio-compatible. Open the sleeve or zip on the underside of the ear pads to remove foam inserts and replace with wireless bluetooth headphones such as the Outdoor Tech OT Chips 2.0.

Feel free to contact our professional staff regarding helmet technology, MIPS and sizing.