Wake Foil Boards

Foil boards are unique amongst water sports as their volume, length, bottom shape, rails, strap compatibility, and construction will all influence how the foil board performs stopped in the water, in displacement mode, on plane, and in the air. In general, beginners will benefit from larger, more stable boards with most riders decreasing in board length as they progress through the sport. Wake foil boards are unique amongst foil activities as we often start with the board already under our feet. The board needs to be buoyant enough to give us feel and control, whilst not being too buoyancy that it makes it difficult to keep under our feet. In contrast to every other water sport, a foil board needs to release as quickly off the water surface as possible allowing the mast to get back to the correct height again. If the board sticks to the surface of the water, speed is lost, and lift reduced.


  • UNIVERSAL FOIL MOUNTING SYSTEM: Most foil companies use an industry standard 9cm foil track so nearly every modern foil connects to nearly every modern board. While most foils are sold as packages, it is possible to purchase boards or foils separately.


  • 4’0” - 4’5 (Up to 90 kg)
  • 4’6 – 4’8 (75+ kg)