Snow Bib Pants

We carry a range of mens and ladies snowboard and snow ski bib pants from the best manufactures in the industry. These include Burton Snow Bib Pants, DC Snow Bib Pants, Volcom Snow Bib Pants, Roxy Snow Bib Pants, 686 Snow Bib Pants, Session Snow Bib Pants, Oakley Snow Bib Pants and Nikita Snow Bib Pants.

Snow bib pants are available in a wide range of styles, cuts fits with varying technologies, features and waterproofing. Each season we select the best of what’s on offer with every pant employing a waterproof rating of at least 10,000mm. 

With each snow ski and snowboard pant offering numerous features, start by picking out the items you like the look of. Try each pair of bib pants on and compare the fit and feel taking note of the length of the leg, the taper through the knees and the fit around the waist. These vary immensely especially within the ladies range so take your time. Once you have narrowed your options, compare the technologies and features of each style. A pair of high-quality snow bib pants should employ a waterproof rating of 10,000mm or more. Some pants will feature a waterproof rating of up to 30,000mm meaning you will stay dryer for longer. Bib pants with Gore-Tex or Sympatex technologies are the most waterproof on the market. Whilst keeping you dry, it is also very important that these materials breathe reducing potential over-heating and sweat.

Feel free to ask our professional staff any questions you may have regarding snow bib pant fits, technologies and fabrics.