Snow Goggles

We carry a large range of snow goggles from industry leaders such as Oakley, Anon, Dragon, Smith and Carve. Goggles offer various levels of frame and lens technologies based on their price. Budget-friendly goggles will typically include a standard grey lens and no spare lens options, while premium goggles typically offer contrast-enhancing lenses and often a spare lens included in the package.

Goggle lenses have advanced drastically as of recent with lens technologies such as Oakley’s Prizm, Anon’s Perceive, Dragon's Lumalen's and Smith's ChromaPop replacing traditional grey lenses. Contrast-enhancing technologies don’t just lower the light entering the lens; instead they filter the light resulting in more contrast and detail especially noticeable in low-light conditions. An added benefit of these technologies is that lenses are more versatile; meaning one lens can be used in most conditions without needing to switch it out during the day.

Most premium goggles from Smith, Anon and Dragon include a spare lens in the package. Included spare lenses are mostly low-light specific, meaning they work best when the light is flat or dull. Low-light lenses allow more light to enter the lens, brightening the snow and your surroundings. If you prefer just the one lens for most conditions, make sure the VLT of that specific lens is between 10-25% - This will ensure the lens is not to dark in dull conditions, but not too bright when the sun is out. The best all-round lenses include Oakley's, Prizm Sapphire, Jade and Torch, Anon's Perceive Variable lenses and Smiths ChromaPop Everyday lenses.
Anon’s MFI or ‘Magnetic Face Mask Integration’ range includes a face mask in the box with a magnetic connection to quickly seal your face mask to your goggles without obstructing ventilation for a gapless setup that seals out the elements. Additionally, Anon’s M4, M3, M2, WM1 and WM3 goggles feature Magna-Tech; A quick lens-change technology which uses magnets for a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal making switching lenses a breeze. Similar lens changing options include Dragon’s ‘SwiftLock’ which use levers and Smiths ‘Mag’ which uses a combination of levers and magnets.