Snow Ski Poles

Snow ski poles are available to suit various skiing styles, skill levels, and personal preferences.

  • MATERIAL: Ski poles are typically made from aluminium or composite materials. Aluminium poles are durable and relatively inexpensive, while composite poles such as carbon fibre are lighter, stronger, but more expensive.
  • BASKET SIZE: The basket is the round disk at the bottom of the pole, and its size affects the pole's stability and traction on the snow. Larger baskets are better for powder skiing, while smaller baskets are more suited for groomed slopes.
  • GRIP: The grip is the part of the pole you hold onto, and it can be made from various materials, including rubber, foam, and cork. The grip should be comfortable to hold and provide a secure grip.
  • STRAP: The strap is the part of the pole that goes around your wrist, it should be adjustable and comfortable to wear. Some pole straps have safety systems built in that will release under excess pressure.
  • LENGTH: Ski poles come in different lengths, and the length you choose should be appropriate for your height and skiing style. As a rule, turn the pole upside down and hold it under the basket. Your elbow should make a right-angle. Personal preference can influence the size of the pole, for example freestyle skiers typically prefer shorter lengths.