Wakeboard Boots

Behind a well-fitting life vest, wakeboard boots are the most important item in your wakeboard quiver providing a direct line of communication between you and your board. A good pair of boots should complement your wakeboard regardless of whether you’re riding behind a boat or doing laps at your local cable. 


  • OPEN-TOE: The most popular style of boot designed to accommodate a wider range of foot shapes and sizes. Open toe boots are best for young riders with growing feet, or adults that plan to share their setup amongst friends and family. Most open toe boots feature a soft, forgiving flex and several lace options including traditional laces, gummy straps, and BOA. While mostly aimed at beginner or intermediate riders, open toe boots are available with varying features offering unique fits and different levels of performance.
  • CLOSED-TOE: The style of boot that offers the most comfort and performance. Closed toe boots feature a size-specific fit like your typical Nike trainer and are therefore best not shared amongst friends. This specific fit results in a boot that is designed for your foot and your foot only, providing excellent levels of comfort and control. Suited across beginner, intermediate and advanced rides, closed toe boots are available with several lace options including traditional laces, gummy straps and BOA depending on rider preference.


A wakeboard boots job is to communicate your body’s movements to the board. A stiff boot will result in more support and a stronger, more sensitive connection to your board. A soft boot may not have as much support but will offer more freedom and mobility. 


Cable boots should fit, feel and ride identical to a standard closed toe boot with the one major advantage of featuring removable, “walkable” liners. Removable liners are designed to have quick and easy entry/exit and often feature a durable sole designed to walk across rough terrain at your local cable park. 


In 2012 all major wakeboard brands switched from 1/4” UNC to M6 hardware. M6 hardware while similar in size, includes more threads than imperial screws resulting in a stronger connection to a board. While all brands use different washers designed for specific boot types, most screws are similar in length and are therefore interchangeable or replaceable. In the early 2000’s, wakeboard mounting patterns changed from 8” across to 6”. It is possible to mount current 6” pattern boots to an old 8” pattern board however only one or two options may be available when adjusting the width of the stance.