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Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots are the most important piece of snowboard equipment you can own. Snowboard boots need to be comfortable but supportive in order for you to maximise your time and enjoyment on the snow. We carry a great range of mens and ladies snowboard boots from the best brands on the market including Burton Snowboard Boots, DC Snowboard Boots, Salomon Snowboard Boots, Rome Snowboard Boots, Vans Snowboard Boots and Adidas Snowboard Boots.

Each snowboard boot fits differently depending on brand, style price-point and lace system. Our expert team of snowboard boot fitters are available to help each day of the week. 

Snowboard boots are available with a varying range of flexes. A softer boot is suitable for freeride or park, while a stiffer boot is more suited to hard-charging riding. Majority of snowboard boots will fall between these categories and are suited to all-mountain free-riding.

Snowboard boots are currently available with three key lace systems which include traditional laces, Speed Zone or Boa. Traditional laces are most commonly found in freestyle snowboard boots due to their forgiving flex and wide range of adjustment. Traditional laced boots are generally less expensive when compared to Boa although they can be time consuming to lace-up for unexperienced users. Speed Zone or equivalent systems time the time out of lacing up your boots. They still allow for a forgiving flex and allow riders to tighten the top and bottom of the boots independently. Boa has become a force in snowboard boots of recent for being the fast and effective when tightening boots. Boa uses a coil-system with a wire or rope which twists to tighten. Boa is commonly found in other sporting products such as golf shoes, hiking boots and knee braces. All Boa products feature a life-time warranty and are easy to repair with spare parts available globally and in all good snowboard shops. Boa boots are available in one or two-boa variants. Single Boa boots use one dial to control the top and bottom lace. This is quick, easy, and less expensive although they don’t allow for customisation of the top and bottom section of the boots. Double Boa boots fix this issue but are more expensive.

The quality of a snowboard boot can be understood due to varying technology of the outer shell and inner liner. High-quality snowboard boots will feature a liner made up of several high-end foams designed to hold the foot more securely without breaking down over time. Our favourite price point snowboard boots include the Burton Moto, Salomon Faction, DC Scout, Burton Mint, DC Search and Salomon Pearl. Our favourite mid-range snowboard boots include the Burton Ruler Boa, DC Control, Salomon Launch, Burton Limelight and Salomon Ivy Boa. Our favourite high-end snowboard boots include the Burton Ion Boa, Burton Photon Boa, Burton Swath, DC Judge, Salomon Dialogue, Burton Felix Boa, DC Mora and Salomon Kiana.