Slalom Ski Boots

Slalom ski boots are available in two key styles; Open-toe or closed-toe. Majority of modern slalom skis use a ‘traditional’ mountain pattern allowing different brands of boot to be fitted onto any given ski. 2017 and earlier HO skis with D.C. (Direct connect) inserts must be mounted with HO D.C. style front and rear boots. Those wishing to mount Radar boots to their 2018 and later HO ski must use an aluminium rear plate. BOA slalom ski boot variants replace traditional lower laces with a BOA lacing system for fast, efficient closure. 


  • OPEN-TOE: Open-toe ski boots offer the most adjustment as they cater for a range of foot sizes (i.e., US 7 to US 11) and are not left or right foot dependant. Most open-toe boots are available in front and rear plate options. The top lace on all open-toe boots will be elastic to allow for safe release in case of an accident.
  • CLOSED-TOE: Closed-toe slalom ski boots offer the best fit and performance. Most closed-toe boots are available in individual US sizes and left or right foot variants. All closed-toe boots are available with rear aluminium plates and the front and rear aluminium plates are interchangeable.
  • REAR TOE PLATES: Rear toe plates are available in adjustable or fixed styles. Adjustable RTP’s are one-size-fits-all and feature a lace or BOA system to cater for all foot sizes up to US 14. Fixed RTP’s are made of rubber and are available in specific US shoe sizes with aluminium plates. Hybrid rear toe plates (HRT’s) combine the ankle support of a full boot with the flexibility of a RTP. HRTs are best for skiers who deep water starts with two feet in and are looking to bridge the gap between a full boot and traditional RTP.