Tubes & Inflatables

There are a huge number of tubes and inflatables on the market available in different shapes and sizes. While all achieve the same goal, certain tubes are better at catching air while others more comfortable for cruising! While deciding what towable to purchase is mostly personal preference, consider what boat or jet ski will be used to tow, how many riders you’re allowed to tow in your specific state and the age of the riders planning to use it.


Towable tubes are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 4 riders. If not in the name of the product itself, the rider capacity of each tube should be easy to find in the product description. ‘Donut’ style tubes are often available to suit 1-2 riders, while flat ‘D’ style and lounge style tubes often accommodate 2-4 riders. While tube and inflatable size is mostly personal preference, we suggest you consider these two questions; How many riders are you allowed to tow? And how capable is your boat or jet ski for towing ‘X’ number of riders?

  • STATE LAWS: As of September 2022, Victoria and New South Wales have a maximum limit of 3 riders behind a boat at any one time. Towing a tube with 4 or more riders is done at your own risk.
  • BOAT OR JET SKI: Some tubes, especially in the larger sizes, are extremely heavy and carry significant drag. We recommend jet skis regardless of horsepower, tow a tube designed for no more than 2 riders. Small, low powered boats should also consider smaller tube sizes.


Tubes and Inflatables are offered in 3 key styles: Deck, Sit-In, and Lounge. While a rider is free to use any model of tube, some styles are better suited to specific age groups than others.

  • DECK: Our most popular style of tube, deck tubes are mostly flat and require a rider to lie head-first, stomach down whilst holding the handles at the front. Deck tubes have the least amount of drag and feel quick across the water as riders are low-down. The most common deck style tubes feature small winglets on either side to hold onto riders, while some deck tubes feature raised edges designed to easily roll from left to right. The fast nature of deck tubes makes them great all-rounders however some small children might find them intimidating.

  • SIT-IN: The style of tube that’s been around since day 1, sit-in tubes are characterised by a ‘donut’ ring with a smaller inside section for riders to sit down in. Sit-in tubes are commonly designed for 1 or 2 riders and are a great option for young kids to gain confidence. Cheaper sit-in will have a half nylon cover, while more premium options will have a full nylon cover and an inflatable floor section for comfort.

  • LOUNGE: Lounge tubes are the best option for riders that want to sit back and relax. They are available to suit 2-4 riders and are characterised by a flat bottom with built in back rest. Riders sit feet first on the flat section with their backs up against the inflatable upright sections. Lounge style tubes are the best option for young kids that aren’t confident around the water. They are the biggest and heaviest style of tube available, so are only recommended to be towed being a suitable sized boat.