Sidas 3Feet footbeds are off the shelf insoles designed to provide personalized support and comfort for your feet while skiing or snowboarding. The insoles are made of foam that conforms to the shape of your feet, providing a fit that helps to reduce fatigue, increase performance, and prevent injuries.

  • 3FEET: Sidas footbeds are available in 3 arch-heights including low, medium, and high. A footbed with the correct arch-height can help to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and shin splints.
  • ALLIGNMENT: The footbeds help to align your feet and legs in a more natural and efficient position, which can reduce strain on your joints and muscles and improve balance and control.
  • PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION: The footbeds can help to distribute pressure more evenly across your feet, which can reduce hot spots, blisters, and other foot pain.
  • VERSATILITY: Sidas 3Feet footbeds are designed to work with all types of ski and snowboard boots, and can be easily transferred between different pairs of boots.