Slalom Ski Gloves

Water ski gloves are a vital piece of water-skiing equipment and are available to suit a range of skier types across men’s, ladies, and kids. Grip through your palms results in less strength required to hold on to the handle. This makes it possible to ski longer, or to ski to a higher level. Water ski gloves vary between thin and light for free skiing up to padded, durable and grippy for tournaments. Most water ski gloves are made of a combination of neoprene that results in padding and grip for the average skier for ski a little longer and a little harder. These will most often come with one or more neoprene straps to fit the glove to your hand. Tournament style gloves will often include stitched Kevlar palms with flexible backings to deliver high-performance fit, grip, and durability. Some gloves have employed BOA closure systems, replacing traditional Velcro straps for a more seamless fit.