Capita Snowboards was established in the year 2000 out of a desire to shape up the sport and offer something new. Capita soon had pro riders under its belt riding and selling their instantly recognisable skateboard inspired graphics worldwide. For 15 years Capita had been recognised in the snowboard world as a brand made of passionate and creative people and in 2015 after the Elan factory closed its doors, Capita opened The Mothership snowboard factory in Austria symbolising their passion and commitment to the sport.

The Mothership is the only snowboard factory in the world that is 100% hydro-powered. The factory borrows water from a neighbouring river and transfers its energy into stores of NH3 natural gases. This system powers the entire plant including the board presses, air-conditioning and heating. The location of the Mothership allows them to use up to 98% raw materials in their manufacturing process, most of which are sourced locally. Every one of Capita’s snowboards are hand made in a fashion that is second to none. The Mothership also houses one of the worlds highest quality printers to produce its top sheet graphics. This results in a super high level of detail in every Capita snowboard graphic that needs to be seen to be believed.