In 1984 after building snowboards for 7 years prior, Mike Olson dropped out of University to start making snowboards full-time. Mervin Manufacturing’s headquarters were set up in an old racehorse barn where Olson worked for two years before being joined by Pete Saari where the two began churning out snowboards for members of the nascent snowboard community.

Today, GNU offer some of the most outrageous snowboards on the market. Weird, open-minded experimentation has always been job one for the designers at GNU. GNU makes extremely progressive boards while also being one of the most environmentally-protective companies in the industry. Best known for pioneering deep, carving sidecuts, Gnu boards are all hand-built by snowboarders, just like they were in the beginning. It’s a passion-driven company, offering top-notch boards with bold graphics designed to conquer any mountain.

“In an industry where virtually every other snowboard, ski, skateboard, and surfboard company has moved production to China or offshore, Mervin is the longest running and last major board building factory in the USA. Based out of Carlsborg, Washington, between the rugged Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Mervin is a direct link between riding and manufacturing.”