In 2000, with a combined 30 years of living and working in snowboarding between them, Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid decided to take advantage of a latent opportunity to fill a void in snowboarding. They came to the conclusion that it was time to break away from where they were working and re-consolidate snowboarding around a direction based on the values that got them into riding in the first place.

The winter of 2000-2001 was the birth of The Snowboard Design Syndicate, a riding-fixated, innovation-based movement to put snowboarders in control of snowboarding. From 2001 until today, Rome SDS has been an experiment in building a business rooted in snowboarding. Whether it is designing a new board camber, developing innovative binding technology, crafting unique riding clothing or pioneering approaches to snowboard video production, Rome has constantly pushed to create new expressions that are rooted in the act of snowboarding and the values of snowboarding.