Oakley was founded by James Jannard 1975 out of his garage with an initial investment of $300. Jannard begun selling motor-cross parts out the back of his car at events. In 1980, Jannard released a pair of goggles called the O-Frame. With the ‘Oakley’ logo present on the strap, the brand gained international recognition throughout the sports industry, and in 1983, Oakley began selling ski goggles.

Today, Oakley are leaders in snow goggles, helmets, accessories and outerwear. In 2014, after 15 years of research and development, the company released ‘Prizm’, a lens technology tuned for specific sports that adds visibility and enhances contrast. Prizm lenses allow each lens to cater for a wider range of conditions, reducing the need to switch when conditions change.

The path toward Prizm started with trying to gain a theoretical understanding of how the eye works. Using a hyper-spectral camera to analyse different environments, the engineers collected data and created the materials that copied what they saw on the lens. They used dies that had narrow absorption peaks and matched the transmission peaks of what they saw in nature in order to create a lens that performed better in a greater range of natural environments including snow.

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