Tuning Tools & Wax

Keeping the edges of a snowboard or snow ski sharp and the base waxed is important for several reasons. Sharp edges provide better control and improved grip on the snow, while a waxed base reduces friction and allows the rider to go faster. Additionally, regular maintenance can enhance the durability of the board or ski, protecting it from damage and extending its lifespan. We’re a fully authorised Wintersteiger Service Centre capable of providing essential ski and snowboard maintenance services such hot wax’s, base grinds, edge sharpening and repairs. For a full list of workshop services and prices, see however, If you’re interested in maintaining your own equipment, we stock a range of tuning tools and wax from world leading brand, Swix.



  • U900 UNIVERSAL WAX: A good quality all-temperature wax suitable for skis and snowboards. For use with waxing irons and/or running on and corking in.
  • F4 PERFORMANCE WAX: A highly refined all-temperature wax for increased water repellency and glide in wet snow. Suitable for skis and snowboards. For use with waxing irons and/or running on and corking in.
  • F4-100C GLIDEWAX LIQUID 100ML: A liquid version of F4 Performance wax with a foam applicator and felt polisher. Pocket sized and suitable for quick and easy hand-wax application. Environmentally friendly.
  • TA3009 6-WAY FILE HOLDER: Smart and ergonomic file guide used to maintain steel edges. Can be used for routine maintenance or on the go to sharpen both side and base edges.
  • T992 GUMMY STONE SOFT: Gummy stones are the perfect pocket tool to remove small burrs caused by edges hitting rocks or debris, or to remove light rust during storage.