Burton Snowboards was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in his Vermont barn back in 1977 and together with his wife Donna, still owns and operates the company today. Jake Burton begun by personally making snowboards by hand in his garage. As demand increased, Burton employed four to five workers to sell, shape and repair snowboards. Burton served a pivotal role in growing snowboarding from a backyard hobby to a world-class sport by creating innovative products and pushing skier-only resorts to allow snowboarders to ride their mountains. Burton built the worlds first snowboard factory and is the largest snowboard brand in the world today.

Burton has a team of world-class champions, innovators and leaders at their disposal who develop and test their products and embody the Burton lifestyle including Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Anna Gasser, Chloe Kim and Ben Ferguson. In addition, sustainability has become a key part of Burton’s ethos and is considered across all products in development, manufacturing and packaging.

Burton operates a facility called Craig’s located in Vermont which represents their investment in R&D. The 10,000 square-foot facility houses the best of Burton’s high-end, custom-built machinery. All new snowboard shapes, material and constructions are prototyped at Craig’s and tested by team riders nearby. Craig’s is dedicated to R&D and only produces a limited run of boards each season.